In keeping with our philosophy of supporting dying crafts, this paper is printed by hand using hand carved wooden blocks. This too is a craft that is fast disappearing. Used for centuries for the printing of textiles, the wood blocks have now been replaced by silk screens.

If we were to silkscreen our paper, it could be done here in Bombay, with one movement of the hand. But we have chosen to send the paper to Ahmedabad where the last wood block printers, descendants of many generations of master printers print it for us. Each block is placed 12-15 times on the paper to cover each sheet with the antique blocks that they use.

This paper thus travels from Daulatabad, where it is made, to Bombay, where we sort it out, and then on to Ahmedabad for printing. It has indeed traveled many miles before it comes to you.

All imperfections are proof of the many human hands that have touched the paper.

Enjoy its uniqueness and savour this link with our heritage and above all, help us to keep our old traditions alive.